Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Introducing...Look At The Wall

Name: Monique Gaspar

Occupation: Children’s Wall Art Designer

How did you get into wall art designs? How did you come up with the concept?

Like many new mums who take on the task of decorating their baby’s nursery, I frantically searched for the perfect wall art pieces. It had to be cool, carry a contemporary edge, all the while being colourful, happy and inspiring to let little minds run wild. I couldn’t find anything appropriate so I decided to make my own and from that point the “artist” grew and that is how “Look at the Wall” was created.

“Look at the Wall” has limited edition collages handmade from a variety of papers such as magazines, maps, old atlases or really any paper at all. Each piece is individually cut, so you may find slight variations in the handiwork and colour schemes but that is exactly what makes each piece unique.

Do you come from a design background?
I have always been creative but spent many years at University with two degrees in Biomedical Science and Radiography. Over the past few years I have also been teaching at Monash University. Designing artwork was only supposed to be a hobby while on maternity leave, however, it has developed into a small business.

What are your works inspired by?
People always ask me who inspires or motivates me and I always answer “my kids”. It may seem cliché but what they see, what they find, what they create, always makes me think differently and see things in a whole new way. Now that my oldest child is nearly four and youngest one, I, of course, have learnt so much by watching and listening to them. They are my inspiration, my collaborators too and source for many ideas. I guess I’m also really inspired by anyone who is “creating”– whether it’s my style or not, their process of creating something they’re passionate about is really motivating to me.

What are some wall art designs you have done? How do you create the images?
I mainly focus on animals, however, if someone has an idea or would like a specific colour scheme, I am always ready to be prompted by their creative inspiration. Basically I draw an initial design, cut and sand the wood, select from a vast array of different papers (if anyone want to find a home for their scrap papers I can put them to good use), assemble the collage, glue, seal and varnish with an epoxy resin.

What is the most challenging?
Finding the time to complete my orders. I work late at night or when my kids are sleeping (not much these days) but I always manage to somehow finish them. However, the hardest part is actually selecting the papers. It is like choosing what you are going to wear. Not all colours go together!

Where to Buy: See the Retailers page on Look At The Wall for your nearest stockist.

Thank you Monique...I am in love with the Cat on a Fence and Doves. You'll have to see the designs page to find these two!


Unique Gowns said...

I love the monkey ! It is very cccuuuttteee ! Great creative work :) Dana

Amanda said...

I love these! I saw them in the new Real Living actually. There's so many beautiful designs.

Anonymous said...

Wow these look amazing!!

Gemma said...

I love your artwork, will be bookmarking you !