Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who likes a challenge?

I am setting you, the readers, a challenge! I would like you to find and send to me a link to your favourite handmade childrens clothing find, and I will feature the best ones on this blog. The conditions?
Must be handmade, in Australia.
Must be a wearable item for a child.
Must be currently listed for sale online. (A store, etsy, ebay...)
Unique, different, interesting, beautiful, go search!
The person who provides the best item each month will receive a $10 TikiBoo voucher to spend at All You Need and if you have a store or blog you'd like to advertise, we will display your logo or banner on this blog for a month!

You might find something on Esty. It's a trove of handmade treasures - not much in the way of the Custom Boutique we are searching for, but some beautiful things to be found just the same!

So, these are my finds for this evening, all from Australian sellers.

These adorable Apple baby booties are from Etsy seller Pedrosprout. Are they not the cutest booties you've ever seen? Such a shame they wouldn't fit my little girl! They

come in a whole range of beautiful colours and designs.

This dress from Missy Muddles is a bit different to the type of thing I'd usually add to our blog, but it's so unique and lovely! a simple black dress adorned with hand dyed vintage trims and hand painted lace. It has a real charm about it and could be either dressed up with tights or casual with jeans.

So, off you go and bring me back some amazing new finds!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jenna Claire Boutique

Where are the Aussie Boutiquers hiding?

I've searched and searched...but to no avail so far! So back to ebay and checking out some of the hot items over in the USA. Like this Custom Boutique Halloween Set from Jenna Claire Boutique.

The detail is pretty amazing, the "Spooktacular" and the jeans detail is all appliqued. Bids for this set are currently at $207.50. And wow, look at the back of the jeans! That detail is amazing!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sweet Chilli Designs

Finding Australian Boutiquers is not proving to be easy. But, I've managed to find one! Penny from Sweet Chilli Designs. This is one of her current ebay listings, isn't it adorable?!

This is what Penny says about this sweet OOAK (one of a kind) dress:

Euro 'Lilly' Pencil Pouch Dress
Euro Lilly Dress.. done in a beautiful imported school days fabric....twirl lower skirt...
cross over back featuring little pink apple buttons to fasten...the front features 3 little
pink apple buttons... also included is the cutest ever UNIQUE little sage with white dots "Pad and Pencils"
pouch...buttons to 2 apples (is of course removable) 12 pencils with 3 to each separated pocket... a note
pad pocket to the back of the pencils and 'Pad and Pencils' machine embroided to the front.. super
cute and a perfect for travel... fun drawing at home or ANYWHERE... take them with you...!!!

You'll find lots of images of Penny's past designs here Sweet Chilli Designs.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Boutique Couture?

If you've never heard of Boutique Couture, aka Custom Boutique kids clothing, then you are missing out on a world of wonderful!
Jeans. Lovingly appliqued and embellished. Stripwork dresses in a riot of designer fabric colour. Ruffles, twirly skirts, shirring - all in one divine creation. Amazing intricate hair bows designed to match perfectly.
We aren't just talking about handmade clothing, we're talking about something special. Something beautiful. An outfit that is almost a work of art. An ensemble that guarantees your child will be more than just one of the crowd - because no other child is going to have an outfit quite like yours.

In the USA, Boutique Couture has a massive following, mostly on eBay. Some designs can sell for hundreds of dollars. The amount of work and love which goes into creating these special outfits is incredible.

This nifty little widget shows you the current ebay "Custom Boutique" listings so you get an idea of what we're talking about! Note, not all of them really fall into the category we're talking about here, so procedd with caution!

(I borrowed this widget from Boutique Cafe - Secrets from the Studio)

Our mission is to find Boutique designs in Australia and bring them to you. If you happen to find some yourself, then please let us know!