Friday, October 31, 2008

Introducing...Silly Gilly

Name: Gillian Ross

Store name/label: Silly Gilly – Accessories for Children

Where to buy:

Where are you located? Online and work from home in Nailsworth, South Australia

How long have you been sewing/designing? I’ve always been interested in craft and sewing since I was young, perhaps five or six. I started making my own clothes when I was fourteen and I even made my own wedding dress!

What inspired you to get started? I had decided to not return to the workforce after having my child but wanted to contribute monetarily to the family budget. I had been making hats and clothing for my daughter as a baby and friends were asking me to make things for them. Having always wanted to have a creative career, I decided to launch my own online store to both make money and have fun!

What do you do when you’re not sewing? Thinking about sewing, thinking about the business, running the online store side of things. Eating chocolate, reading blogs, searching for vintage patterns.

Do you remember the first item you sold? Not really, it was mostly to family and friends, but I do remember the first sale I had through my online store and I was jumping around the house like a silly woman!! It was so exciting to think that someone ‘out there’ like my work enough to purchase it.

What is your favorite item you have created? At the moment I’m in love with the large Steiner dolls I make. They have so many hours of work put into them, it’s hard not to fall in love with each doll as they come to life.

Favourite fabric designer? Michael Miller for his retro children’s prints. Absolutely in love with them!

Thank you for participating Gillian, I love the dolls too!