Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday's Finds

I'm getting later and later!

Tennille from Heart on your Sleeve found these great shorts on etsy.

From Pinna4piper, The fabric features screen print images of the Taronga Zoo with 2 giraffes and a lion, 2 people at the beach under umbrellas, 2 sailboats sailing the Sydney Harbour and more.
They really would be perfect for a fun summer day at the beach!
So, I decided to add one of Tennille creations as our second item for today! I adore her princess necklaces, this one is Snow White. The centre princess bead is made of polymer clay and the surrounding beads are cats eyes, Czech glass and sterling silver.
How cute is that?! She has other princesses as well in her Heart on Your Sleeve store.

Please keep those entries coming!