Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday's Finds (Week 3)

This is the final week of our challenge - so if you have something to submit, please get it to us asap!
Leigh from Ribbonista has found us another cute outfit from Cute Tooshies.
The Sweet Cherry Delight dress with apron appliqued in a pair of cherries, and matching capri pants (it also comes with a set of Ribbonista bows!).
Very fun and summery. Delicious!

This set is listed for auction on ozebaby.
Marnie from Bergan Blue loves these pink and brown spotted bloomers from 3 Red Buttons on Etsy.
Thay are made from Japanese 100% cotton fabric and feature 3 rows of ruffles on the back. They are gorgeous on crawling babies as the ruffles look great but the bloomers don't impede the crawling like skirts & dresses can.